Birthday Parties

Choose Your Custom Party Invitations


Printing Your Custom Invitations

It’s really easy to create your child’s custom birthday invitations!

1) Click on your invitation above (a new window will open).
2) Click on the appropriate field to edit (name, age, etc).
3) Edit the information as desired and click “print”.
4) Be sure to select the appropriate number of copies.
5) Fold in half width-wise with the writing on the outside.
6) Fold in half again so the design & map are on the outside.
7) Send the invitations to your friends & LET THE FUN BEGIN!

Printing Tips:

  • When printing, choose “scale” or “fit” on your printer settings.
  • Choose narrow margins on your printer page setup (½ inch).

A limited number of blank invitations are available at the front desk as well.