Girls Progressive Gymnastics: Ages 6 & Up

Holiday Session Schedule: October 16th – December 23rd

Level 1
Level 1 is designed to provide the introductory skills of gymnastic training. Floor skills include forward, backward and straddle rolls, cartwheel, handstand and a bridge. On beam gymnasts learn basic walks such as kick, dip, hops and backwards. Bar rotation will cover pullover, casting and backhip circle. Vault covers basic jumps and the correct way to approach and jump from the springboard.
GIRL’S PROGRESSIVE LEVEL 1: 1 hour class, $151 for 10 weeks
Day Class Time(s)
Mon. 5:30pm
Tues. 4:30pm  6:30pm
Weds. 6:45pm
Thurs.  5:30pm
Fri. 5:45pm
Level 2
To advance to level 2, gymnasts must successfully complete skills from the evaluation forms that are sent home toward the end of the session. Examples of skills gymnasts will be learning are handstand forward rolls, front limbers & backbend kickovers using mats as well as a standing round off.
GIRL’S PROGRESSIVE LEVEL 2: 1 ¼ hours, $182 for 10 weeks
Day Class Time(s)
Mon. 4:15pm 5:15pm 6:30pm
Tues. 5:30pm
Weds. 4:15pm
Thurs. 4:15pm
Fri. 4:30pm  6:45pm
Sat. 10:45am
Level 3
Once skills are attained from level 2 gymnast may advance to level 3. At this level, students learn to perfect all the skills taught in level 2 on the floor without mats as well as running round off and introduction to back and front walkovers. Gymnasts will perform pullover and back hip circle without a spot on bars and begin front hip circles, jump to block on vault.
GIRL’S PROGRESSIVE LEVEL 3: 1 ¼ hours, $182 for 10 weeks
Day Class Time(s)
Mon. 4pm 6:30pm
Tues. 4:30pm 5:15pm  6:45pm
Weds. 4:15pm  5:30pm
Thurs. 6:30pm
Fri. 4:15pm  5:30pm  6:45pm
Sat. 9:30am 12pm
Level 4
Level 4 gymnasts will be learning back and front hand springs on floor, front hip circle, glide swings and shoot through on bars, handstand and cartwheel on beam, flatback on vault.
GIRL’S PROGRESSIVE LEVEL 4: 1 ½ hours, $217 for 10 weeks
Day Class Time(s)
Mon. 6:30pm
Tues. 6:45pm
Weds. 4pm 6:45pm
Thurs. 4:15pm
Fri. 6pm
Sat. 9am
Level 5
Level 5 gymnasts will be mastering a standing back handspring and round off back handspring. On bars, gymnasts will learn a shoot through and a stride circle.
GIRL’S PROGRESSIVE LEVEL 5: 2 hours, $243 for 10 weeks
Day Class Time(s)
Mon. 4:30pm
Weds. 5:30pm
Thurs. 6:30pm
Fri. 4pm
Sat. 10:30am
Level 6
Level 6 gymnasts are working tumbling series on floor, kip on bars and handstand dismounts on beam. These are just a small example of skills your gymnast will be taught by certified coaches.
GIRL’S PROGRESSIVE LEVEL 6: 2 hours, $243 for 10 weeks
Day Class Time
Tues. 6pm
Thurs. 4:30pm