Ages 6 and up

We strive to provide athletes with an environment to improve coordination, flexibility, strength and self confidence needed for tumbling.  During the session, coaches will evaluate each athlete and a progress report will be sent home.  Those skills listed on the report must be consistently performed to move to the next level.


Beginning Tumbling: 
This level is designed for athletes who have never tumbled before.  The basics of tumbling such as a handstand, round off and bridge kick over will be taught and are very important for Intermediate Tumbling.

  • 1 hour, $131 for 10 weeks


Intermediate Tumbling: 
This level includes standing back handsprings and round off back handspring.  To promote to advance tumbling an athlete must have a standing back handspring and round off back handspring on floor.

  • 1 hour, $131 for 10 weeks


Advanced Tumbling: 
At this level, athletes will advance to a back tuck, layouts and a full.

  • 1 ½ hour, $187 for 10 weeks


Back Handspring Class:
In order to take this class you must be at least a level 4, can do a bridge kick over on floor or currently working a back handspring. This class will concentrate on a strong round off, handstands and back handsprings.

  • 1 hour, $131 for 10 weeks