tumbling classesWe strive to provide athletes, ages 6 & up, with an environment to improve coordination, flexibility, strength and self confidence needed for tumbling.

During the session, coaches will evaluate each athlete and a progress report will be sent home.

Those skills listed on the report must be consistently performed to move to the next level.

Check out our class schedule.

Beginning Tumbling

This level is designed for athletes who have never tumbled before. The basics of tumbling such as a handstand, round off and bridge kick over will be taught and are very important for Intermediate Tumbling.

1 hour, $135 for 10 weeks
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Intermediate Tumbling

This level includes standing back handsprings and round off back handspring. To promote to advance tumbling an athlete must have a standing back handspring and round off back handspring on floor.

1 hour, $135 for 10 weeks
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Advanced Tumbling

At this level, athletes will advance to a back tuck, layouts and a full.

1 ½ hour, $193 for 10 weeks
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Back Handspring Class

In order to take this class you must be at least a level 4, can do a bridge kick over on floor or currently working a back handspring. This class will concentrate on a strong round off, handstands and back handsprings.

1 hour, $135 for 10 weeks
see our schedule

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